Welcome to FreeProperty! The goal of this project is to create a cross-platform program for real estate agents to handle the properties they are selling and for landlords to manage their rental units. I welcome any participation from others.

As I am just starting out, I am in the planning stages. The specific goals of the program are:
1. Keeping track of potential purchasers of properties, including information on the general geographical location they are looking for, price range, visits to previous properties, features the purchaser is looking for, etc.
2. Keeping track of properties the real estate agent intends to sell, including asking price, georgaphical area, features of the house, pictures of exterior and interior, potential problems, etc.%r 3. Listing of all rental units available for rental, including current tennants, rental fees accrued and paid, asking rent, geographical area of units, limits on the use of the units, including pets, lease times, etc.

The language to be used will be Java because of its cross-platform capabilities. The database backend will be the McKoi Java database, because it appears to be easily installed.

If you wish to contact me regarding this project, you may use mdver@dver.name. If you are particularly interested in this project, please subscribe to the lists available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/freeproperty. These lists are good for communicating with the general community regarding desired functions.

Marc DVer

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